Half Of The TWICE Members Go To Different Makeup Salons And Their Styles Are Totally Different

Fans found the difference through “Doughnut” teasers.

TWICE has 9 members, so for all of them to get their hair and makeup done by the same team, would take an insanely long amount of time. It’s only natural they split up for this part of their day! Fans have realized that this results in the two groups of members looking distinctly different in terms of makeup style.

Firstly, Nayeon, Momo, Sana and Chaeyoung go to Bit and Boot. They’ve been customers at Bit and Boot for the longest time. Bit and Boot popularized the aegyo-sal makeup through TWICE, where the lower lids are highlighted with light colors to create puffy bags. While some people naturally have these lower lid puffs, it has become a makeup look in itself. If you don’t have them, you can always draw them on with makeup.

This style of makeup is prominently seen on Momo, Sana and Nayeon mostly, as it gives a very cute and fresh look. The eye shadow is also kept to shades of light brown and peachier tones. On the other hand, their brows are all arched lightly and they use nude lipsticks.

| JYP Entertainment

On the other hand, Jihyo, Mina, Tzuyu and Dahyun go to LULU. LULU’s makeup for these four is closer to what Korea calls the “actress” type of makeup, leaning more to elegant rather than cute. Notice that their lower eyelids have been shaded in peachy-bronze compared to the other four who have their aegyo-sal highlighted? LULU’s brows are also prominently straight compared to Bit and Boot. These four also use deeper shades of lipstick with more of a red tone.

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Jeongyeon is currently resting and is not participating for “Doughnut”, hence the lack of her teaser concept photos in this article.

Which makeup style do you prefer? If you want to try your hand at imitating their makeup, Bit and Boot’s makeup artist has a tutorial below.

Source: theqoo