ONCEs Are Tearing Up After Realizing How Much Each TWICE Member Has Grown Up

Can someone please hand me a tissue?

It’s been 3 years since the world was introduced to TWICE, and while every fan knows that the girls have grown up during this time, it hasn’t stopped them from getting a little teary-eyed at seeing just how much they’ve done so.


ONCEs have taken a look back at some of the moments in time that show just how much the girl group has grown. From their time on Sixteen


To their latest performances, it’s easy to see just how much each of the members developed.


Not only as beautiful young women…


But as great singers…




And performers!


But it isn’t just performances that have caught the eyes of detective ONCEs. Many fans have also noticed how much the girls have matured and blossomed thanks to their appearances on variety shows.

Fans have especially taken an interest in TWICE’s appearances on Knowing Brothers as their next appearance on the show is coming up!


Not only are fans in awe of their ever-growing beauty, ONCEs can’t believe how much more comfortable and confident in themselves they are!


When they first made appearances on the shows, fans noticed some members seemed a lot more reserved and not quite themselves.


But now, they definitely aren’t shy and are way more open to showing off their amazing personalities!


Even small differences like the way they danced…


Shows how much more confident the girls are in themselves!


Not to mention that each of them isn’t afraid to show off how unique they are on the show!


Fans also noticed they seem to engage with the rest of the cast a lot more.


And it isn’t just on Knowing Brothers! ONCEs have noticed the same changes on shows like Running Man…


And Idol Room.


While it’s only been 3 years, it’s easy to see just how much the girls have grown and fans absolutely love it!