TWICE Might Be Having Another Comeback Real Soon

“Wallets and cards are shaking.”

TWICE have already blessed us all with the recent release of their Yes or Yes EP and now it looks like things are about to get even better for fans because the group might just be having another comeback real soon!


Every ONCE knows that the members love to drop spoilers and tease us with new releases, but right after a comeback no fan was expecting to get as big a surprise as they got when the top girl group was on KBS‘s Entertainment Weekly.


The group was there to promote their latest EP and enjoy some food and games. And while they certainly did that, things really got interesting when they were asked whether or not they had anything planned for the winter months.


After a brief pause…


Nayeon revealed that it was a secret!


Her confession that they’re winter activities were a secret along with the nervous looks passed between the other members, have convinced many fans that this is actually a big hint that TWICE’s next comeback is right around the corner!


Many fans think that it’s likely they are either going to be having a comeback in February…


Or that this was really just a special hint at their already planned BDZ repackaged album.


Whether or not it’s something brand new or the repackage album, fans are incredibly excited and already getting their wallets ready!


Now we just have to wait and see what the members and JYP Entertainment have up their sleeves!