Hawk-Eyed Netizens Spot Mina’s Hilarious “Strike” In TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” Choreography

Savage Mina!

TWICE‘s animated choreography in “Alcohol-Free” embodies the song’s fun and lively message.

One of the hidden highlight includes Mina‘s dance move where she prepares a drink and passes it off to Dahyun.

Looking close at her hand movements, she creates a different type of drink every time!

From opening Soju bottles…

…to cracking open a can of beer, her creativity keeps it interesting.

However, it didn’t take long for the other members to catch on.

Tzuyu began to join in on the fun and raise her own glass with Mina…

…and many others including Jihyo joined in!

Nayeon also played along.

By the very end, everyone was in on it — except Mina decided to just drink her glass instead!

Check out the full clip below.

Source: theqoo