TWICE’s Mina Delights ONCE With Her Hilarious “Must-Have” Item On Tour

She can’t live without it!

TWICE Mina‘s love for ketchup is still going strong!

TWICE’s Mina | @mina_sr_my/Instagram

In her TW-LOG from TWICE’s III tour in the United States, Mina gave ONCE a glimpse into her life on tour.

| TWICE/YouTube

One night, the members ordered burgers and fries and ate them in their hotel rooms.

The restaurant sent 3 different types of sauce, but there was no ketchup. Mina said, “I just found out that there’s no ketchup. What do I do?”

However, Mina had ketchup of her own to use! She said, “Wait. I brought this from LA.” Then, she showed a ketchup packet that she had brought with her from Los Angeles.

She also planned to take ketchup from the next city if she saw any. She said, “If I find more in the next city, I’ll be sure to take some.”

Mina tried the sauces that came with her meal, but she decided to stick with just ketchup.

ONCE has known about Mina’s love for ketchup for years, and they thought her bringing her own ketchup with her was hilarious!

Check out Mina’s full TW-LOG below.