JYP Entertainment Once Wanted TWICE’s Mina To Have The Moles On Her Face Removed

Here’s what she feels about them.

TWICE‘s Mina is hailed by many for her elegance and beauty—moles and all. However, did you know that before her debut, JYP Entertainment wanted her moles removed?

TWICE’s Mina

Mina revealed the story in an interview with Allure Korea, where the topic of her facial moles was brought up.

With only Mina filming, I can see things I couldn’t before. Like how you have two moles around your lips.

— Allure Korea

Mina opened up about JYP Entertainment telling her to have them removed. In the end, however, she was able to make her debut without changing her features.

At first, the company told me to remove it, but somehow, I ended up debuting with them.

— Mina

It was a good decision, too! Mina observed that many people took notice of her moles, especially the one on her nose.

People remember the mole on my nose especially more.

— Mina

I like it,” she concluded, showing off her confidence and self-love.

Fans will be able to agree that TWICE’s Mina is gorgeous just the way she is! The moles on her face only add to her charm and beauty.

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Source: Allure Korea