Popular Actress Compliments TWICE’s Mina And Momo, Who Have Hilariously Opposite Reactions

“The rizz on this woman…”

Actress Ayaka Miyoshi has never hidden her love of K-Pop.

Ayaka Miyohsi as An in “Alice In Borderland” | Netflix

The Alice In Borderland actress interacted with Stray KidsBang Chan after the idol learned about her support for Stray Kids.

And Ayaka Miyoshi has also shown her support of TWICE, especially since she interacted with the group during an interview forย Seventeen Magazine.

Ayaka Miyoshi and TWICE’s Mina

And fans are loving the actress’s most recent support of TWICE’s Momo and Mina following their READY TO BE world tour concert in Japan.

TWICE during their “READY TO BE” concert in Japan | @JYPETWICE_JAPAN/Twitter

The actress complimented both Momo…

And Mina on their posts.

| @godmitzu/Twitter

Ayaka Miyoshi: Cute Mina~

Mina: Ayaka is cuter~

And while both idols replied, showing their gratitude for her support, fans couldn’t help but be entertained by the difference in replies, as Momo replied with emojis, while Mina responded with “cute flirting.”

Although both idols continually impress fans with their “sexy moves” and charms…

Fans joked that in their answers Mina was the only one to show off her “rizz.”

But along with all the lighthearted joking, fans hope they will see more interactions between TWICE and Ayaka Miyoshi in the future.

You can read more about Ayaka Miyoshi here.

“Alice In Borderland” Actress Ayaka Miyoshi Is A Fan Of Her K-Pop Idol Look-Alike


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