TWICE Mina And Nayeon’s Visual Combination Is Driving Korean Netizens Wild

We need more of the powerful duo.

With their comeback right around the corner, TWICE has been amping up the anticipation by dropping stunning individual teasers for each member. And with the excitement building, Korean netizens have recently started talking about one particularly deadly visual combo they hope to see more of this comeback!

Nayeon and Mina may have completely different visual vibes that are absolutely breathtaking by themselves, when put together it’s on a whole other level.

According to netizens, where Mina’s elegant, powerful, and chic visuals give off a cooler look, Nayeon’s sweet, energetic, and cheerful visuals give off a playful warmness.

And when they come together, it’s the perfect combination of warm and cool!

While not all netizens agreed with the warm/cool aspect of their visuals, there is one thing that everyone is agreeing on and that’s the fact that whenever Nayeon and Mina have any kind of choreography part together…

Or are simply showing off their amazing friendship…

The duo has everyone’s heart!

Since Mina and Nayeon have had many “killing” parts together on stage, ONCEs are seriously wondering what kind of deadly moments they’ll have together for their “Taste of Love” comeback on June 9.

But whatever they have in store for us, it’s sure to be amazing!

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