TWICE’s Mina Recalls One Of Her Biggest Fights With Her Parents And How She Defended Herself

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In a recent video with 1theK Originals, TWICE read and reacted to their online profiles. When it was Mina‘s turn, she shared a true story about the time she fought with her parents over ballet.

She brought up the topic when she saw information on her profile about her experience doing ballet for many years.

Before becoming a trainee, she learned ballet for a long time.

— Mina’s profile

Although many people believe that she quit because she became a trainee in JYP Entertainment, the truth is actually different!

She left after a particularly bad fight with her parents. She was interested in learning other dances, but her parents didn’t want her to give up on ballet after all the years she spent on it.

Actually, I didn’t quit because I became a trainee. I just wanted to learn to dance, and I quit ballet after a fight with my parents.

— Mina

In response, she asked them if they wanted her to do ballet until the day she died.

They said it’d be a waste if I gave up on it then. But then, I asked them if I had to do ballet until I die.

— Mina

She laughed and admitted that she must have been “going through puberty” at that time. Soon after, she became a trainee and eventually debuted as a member of TWICE.

Although she didn’t pursue a career in ballet, Mina made a name for herself as a member of one of K-Pop’s most successful girl groups!

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TWICE’s Mina Recalls How Her Ballet Experience Helped And Hindered Her As A K-Pop Idol

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