TWICE’s Mina Couldn’t Resist Showing Off Her Birthday Present From Nayeon

That’s a clever way to use a TikTok filter.

Ever since TWICE officially opened their official TikTok account, the girls have been having the most fun playing around with the filters.

When Mina stumbled across one that could make her ears hilariously large, she couldn’t pass up the chance to show off the birthday present she’d received from Nayeon.

Turning her head to the left, Mina showed the left side of her face with the filter working its magic. It wasn’t her ear that she’d wanted to show off, though. It was her new pair of earrings.

In her right ear, a golden clip was visible with a tiny, dangling chain attached to it. There appeared to be another shape at the end of it.

Making sure everyone got a full view of both ears, she turned her head to the right, showing a big gold star in her left ear. She was so happy to show ONCEs that the smile never left her face.

In fact, her smile only got brighten when a member asked who had given her the golden earrings. She happily answered, “Nayeon,” while still turning her head from side to side.

Nayeon knew Mina so well that she gifted her with something she’d love wearing and could symbolize their friendship. Since each earring was different, it could be a small reminder of how well they complement each other.

See Mina make good use of the filter by revealing her new treasure from Nayeon here.