TWICE’s Mina Stole Everyone’s Breath With Her Fairy Visuals In Her First-Ever Instagram Stories

Mina blessed fans with her first Instagram stories!

Since TWICE first opened their Instagram account in 2015, Mina has been known to post plenty of solo selcas and ones with her members. While ONCE have been blessed with many, many gorgeous posts from her, fans have always been curious to see when Mina would finally post her first solo Instagram story.

That question of when, however, has just been answered! On March 4, Mina took over their Instagram stories to post two absolutely stunning photos via Instagram stories!

With the first story, Mina looked like she had stepped straight out of a fairytale as the light highlighted her ethereal charms.

With the second, Mina went in for the ultimate swoon-worthy effect with a close-up!

While the Mina is charming everyone with her goddess visuals, the real reason Mina took everyone’s heart by storm is simply because she gifted fans with something that showed spectacular, sweet, and oh-so-lovely!

Mina truly blessed us all with her first-ever Instagram stories!