TWICE’s Mina Has Reached A New Level Of Unreal Beauty, According To K-Netizens

“Wow, this is the prettiest Mina I’ve ever seen.” — Netizen

Recently, K-Netizens are raving over TWICE Mina‘s recent visual — and it’s clear to see why.

In TWICE’s latest teaser pictures for their upcoming second full album “Eyes Wide Open,” Mina digests the concepts with ease.

From the vibrant and blooming flowers…

…to the charismatic, retro-styled photos.



Shooting with fully bloomed flowers, TWICE is visually continuing the look and feel of their previous release “MORE & MORE.”

Mina is also doing the same, rocking the same blonde hair she sported during the era as seen below.


This time, however, there’s a more subdued and mature feeling.

She seems to be getting prettier…

Like a real princess

Pretty ㅠㅠ I love Mina’s unique calm atmosphere

Her visuals have crossed the line

— Netizens

Check out the behind the scenes footage of TWICE’s photoshoot below!

Source: TheQoo