TWICE Revealed Unfortunate Ways People Misunderstand Them When They Wear Glasses

People who wear glasses can relate 🙋‍♀️

Not all members of TWICE wear glasses, but those who do can relate to the difficulties that arise when they wear it. In a past live broadcast, Dahyun, Sana, and Nayeon shared past experiences of being misunderstood because of their glasses.

Sana started by revealing that she has a hard time practicing with glasses on. “When I practice dancing with my glasses, my glasses get thrown away. It’s hard.

For Nayeon, she notices that she looks more serious and tends to feel more drowsy.

Until I put on contacts, I feel down. I feel drowsy. I guess I look down when I don’t wear contact lenses.

— Nayeon

Similarly, Dahyun described how people tend to think she’s in a bad mood because she squints whenever she can’t see, which makes it look like she’s frowning. “Some people misunderstood that. I’ve experienced that before since I frown to see better.

Dahyun isn’t the only member who is misunderstood by others because of that reason. Nayeon shared that her mom and friends used to think she was ignoring them when they walked by each other, but she simply couldn’t see them!

My mother misunderstood that before, and my friends did so too. ‘Why did you ignore me even after you saw me? You passed by me even though you saw me.

— Nayeon

Upon hearing that, Sana remembered the times she used to fear passing by senior artists whenever she wasn’t wearing glasses.

I was so scared of being with senior artists. When they’re there…I can’t see clearly. I can’t tell who they are. It might be staff members. Sometimes, I can’t tell whether there is a person. I was worried that someone would blame me for not bowing properly.

— Sana

To top it all off, Nayeon and Dahyun shared stories of when people they know didn’t recognize them at all because they were wearing glasses.

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