TWICE’s Momo Recalls Her Admirable Actions Following “SIXTEEN” Elimination And What Her Plans After Were Like

Few people could do what she did.

Following her photoshoot with Cosmopolitan Korea, TWICE‘s Momo sat down for an honest and heartfelt interview. She talked about the group’s latest English song “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” her love and appreciation for fans, and the time she was eliminated from SIXTEEN.

TWICE’s Momo

The latter topic was brought up when she was complimented for her attitude following the elimination. The interviewer recalled how Momo wasted no time and returned to the studio to practice the day after. Even if her dreams had halted, she was still the same dedicated and hard working person as ever.

It happened a long time ago, but I really enjoyed watching the survival program, SIXTEEN, which picked the members of TWICE. I heard that the day after you were eliminated, you came out to the studio to practice, and I thought you were amazing.

— Cosmopolitan Korea

Momo reflected on that time and distinctly remembered how sad she felt that day. She asked herself what she would do if she returned to her home country of Japan, and she decided to look into joining other companies. Dancing was her greatest passion, and she wasn’t ready to give it up and pursue something else.

I still remember that time very vividly. The day when I was eliminated, I was feeling very down. I thought, ‘What should I do if I return to Japan?,’ and I looked for other companies because I wanted to continue dancing…

— TWICE’s Momo

The “Alcohol-Free” singer admitted that she cried her heart out. However, she stayed strong and resolved to do everything she was capable of doing. She realized that even if she couldn’t make her debut there, she wanted to learn what she could learn and take what she could take. That’s how she made the decision to practice the following day.

I cried a lot but the next day I thought, ‘For now, I need to do everything that I can do. Even if I can’t debut here, let me learn what I can learn and take what I can take.’ And I went to practice.

— TWICE’s Momo

And you were chosen as one of the final members of TWICE during the last episode,” the interviewer remarked.

Agreeing, Momo said that it was entirely unexpected. She was there simply to watch the final episode as an audience member, but J.Y. Park ended up calling her name. Later on, she recalled how he told her he was “very regretful” she was eliminated.

I didn’t expect it. I went to watch as a spectator but they called my name, and I thought, ‘What’s happening?!’ J. Y. Park PD-nim told me later that he was very regretful that I was eliminated.

— TWICE’s Momo

J.Y. Park

It was a roller coaster of events, but it showed just how passionate and driven Momo is. And now she is a beloved member of TWICE who completes the group!

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Source: Cosmopolitan