TWICE Momo’s Bedtime Boredom Turned Into A True Selca Blessing To ONCE

Momo blessed us all with an epic bedtime Instagram story:

A little bit of boredom for TWICE‘s Momo turned out to be the biggest blessing of all for ONCEs!


A few days ago, when Momo probably should have been tucked up in bed and fast asleep, a serious case of nighttime boredom hit her and hit her hard! With a bit of boredom fueling her actions, Momo decided to head to TWICE’s official Instagram and surprise fans with an epic bedtime Instagram story!


Momo started her story off by letting everyone know just how bored she was. And to cure that case of boredom, Momo revealed she’d be starting a special photo session!

I’m bored so Momo’s photo time is starting now!


And thus began the ultimate bedtime photo story! Momo started off by uploading a few stunning selcas…


Which quickly multiplied to even more gorgeous and fun ones!


As Momo continued posting more of these adorable selcas, ONCEs were feeling the effects of all that pure Momo goodness!


After posting 18 photos, Momo left one more message to ONCE declaring her nighttime photo session had come to an end but not before everyone fell even further in love with the cutest night owl around!


Check out more of Momo’s epic nighttime photo session below: