TWICE’s Momo Showcased Her Unusual Eating Habit, And Even Dahyun Was Shook

It is definitely unique!

The TWICE members got some well-earned rest time in the first episode of their reality show “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest EP.01. During the episode, the members showcased their stunning visuals and also brought some special guests in the form of her dogs.

However, her cute dogs weren’t the only thing that fans noticed about Momo during the episode. She also gained attention for an unusual eating habit shown during the video.

During the video, the members found ways to make their stay more comfortable by lighting a fire and making some food.

Yet, it seems as if Momo couldn’t wait for the food. While the other members were finding and making some snacks, Momo was seen eating some bacon on the patio.

However, fans quickly noticed that rather than waiting for it to be cooked, Momo was actually eating the bacon raw. Even Dahyun couldn’t hide her surprise seeing Momo eating like this, asking, “You eat bacon like that? Without frying?”

After the episode was released, fans took to social media, reacting to the video and Momo’s eating habits! Yet, despite it being an interesting choice, fans couldn’t stop praising Momo for looking so innocent while eating the bacon.

Source: TWICE