TWICE’s Momo Brings Her Adorable Pet Dogs On A Date With TWICE, And They Were Too Cute

They’re precious 😍

TWICE had two very special guests in a recent episode of “TIME TO TWICE,” and they were none other than Momo‘s precious dogs!

In case you didn’t know, Momo is the proud fur-parent of Dobby and Boo.

Momo and her dogs | @TwiceOnce Family/YouTube

The first time Dobby and Boo appeared in the episode was when Momo fed them some delicious-looking food. They obediently sat down when she asked them to…

…and even gave her a high five! These two adorable dogs are well-behaved, and they get cuter by the second.

They continued to stay near Momo’s side as she helped prepare TWICE’s meal.

When they weren’t roaming around, they happily stayed inside their carrier.

It’s clear how much they love Momo! It just goes to show that they’re truly one big happy family.

See more interactions between Momo’s dogs and TWICE in the full video below!

Source: TWICE


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