TWICE’s Momo Expresses Her Love For Nayeon Through A Video She Posted

Momo’s love for Nayeon is obvious!

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently posted a cover of “Santa Tell Me” as a  gift for ONCEs this Christmas. Fans loved it so much, she immediately trended on Twitter!

As the group continued to spoil ONCEs, Momo posted a video entitled “NAYEON by MOMO.” The video contained a compilation of short videos Momo has taken of Nayeon edited with the background music of Nayeon’s “Santa Tell Me” cover.

Most of the videos that were taken were of Nayeon backstage preparing to go on stage or eating snacks adorably. There was also a clip of Nayeon waking up from her sleep and still looking gorgeous as ever!

Momo also inserted cute doodles in between the videos showing her great effort in making this! Momo’s love for Nayeon was clearly expressed and evident in the videos included in the compilation, but as well as in the video as a whole.

Watch the video here: