TWICE’s Momo Suffered an Emergency Wardrobe Malfunction That Nearly Exposed Her Chest

She couldn’t fix it during the performance because of TWICE’s intense choreography.

TWICE recently performed at the FINA Super Concert in Gwangju and ahead of the real concert, they had a rehearsal of their hit songs, “FANCY” and “YES OR YES”.

The members appeared on stage in their performance outfits and proceeded with their rehearsal as usual.

But what drew many viewers’ attention was the fact that Momo seemed somewhat uncomfortable as soon as the rehearsal began.

On this day, Momo wore a halter top that tied behind her neck. But during the performance, it untied causing an emergency wardrobe malfunction.

In order to avoid unwanted exposure, Momo quickly grabbed her top and attempted to tie it back up.

But due to the intense choreography, she had no choice but to continue moving to the music while holding the strings in her hands.

Throughout the entire performance, even the other members tried to help Momo with her outfit, but the music was way too fast to make that possible.

In the end, Momo had to complete the rehearsal while holding up her shirt in order to prevent it from coming off.

Luckily, Momo managed to keep herself safe from any indecent exposure, but a close call like that is making fans hope that the stylists be more careful about how they dress idols, especially those who dance intense choreographies.

Source: Insight


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