TWICE’s Momo Presents Her New Favorite Food and Explains Why She Loves It so Much

Momo likes what she likes.

TWICE recently uploaded an ASMR eating video on their official YouTube account where Momo showed her overwhelming love for food known as omasum.

 In this video, Momo and Nayeon prepared spicy cold noodles, raw liver, and omasum to try with ASMR.

And the first foods Momo went for was the omasum.

She expressed her excitement for the food as she ate it with munched down in a satisfying way for viewers.

Momo explained how much she loves omasum and even shared why she loves it so much.

This is really delicious. I love the texture of it. It’s totally my type of food.

– Momo

When Nayeon asked if it tasted the same as the ones in Japan, Momo confirmed that it was indeed just as good.

On the other hand, Nayeon showed her passion for the spicy cold noodles and proved herself to be worthy of her reputation as a spicy food lover.

Omasum might be a food that’s hard to approach by some, but seeing Momo enjoy it so much could make it worth a try for fans.

After learning Momo’s unexpected favorite food, fans are responding with comments such as “Omasum is all about the texture“, “I can’t really eat it, but Momo makes it look good“, and “She’s so cute“.

Watch the full ASMR eating show below: