TWICE’s Momo Fulfilled Fans’ Wishes With The Help Of ITZY’s Yuna

Momo knows exactly what ONCEs and MIDZYs want.

With TWICE and ITZY being under JYP Entertainment, fans always look forward to the interactions between the two groups.


At the end of KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje, they got their wish and more. Fansites captured a few photos of Momo and Yuna, hugging and sweetly smiling at fans.

One, in particular, had Yuna covering half of her face, showing a shy smile. That’s because of what had led up to the photos. It had been just a bit embarrassing for her.

After TWICE and ITZY had taken a large group photo together, Momo began looking around. She’d been searching for someone in particular.

Once she’d spotted Yuna, she found who she’d been looking for. She reached toward her, wanting her to come closer. Yuna instantly became shy. She laughed as she covered her mouth, instead moving away. Even so, Momo wouldn’t let her get away.

She grabbed Yuna’s hand and led her where she wanted her, pointing in the direction where they should focus their attention.

Momo then pulled Yuna into a hug. They struck a few poses, snapping cute photos that ONCEs and MIDZYs would be looking forward to. By the end, both of them couldn’t hold back their laughter.

Fans wish for adorable interactions like this all the time. Momo knew this and did her best to deliver. See her take the initiative to get Yuna to join her.