TWICE’s Momo Names The Heartbreaking Japanese Drama That Makes Her Cry—And It’s Over 15 Years Old

You won’t be able to hold back your tears, either!

There are many dramas that are released every year, but only a few leave such a big impact that you remember it for years to come. For TWICE‘s Momo, the drama that she can’t forget is also one that made her cry buckets of tears.

TWICE’s Momo

She mentioned it in an interview for Buzzfeed Celeb where she was asked, “What’s a movie that made you cry?” Rather than a movie, she picked a drama that is quite aptly named 1 Litre Of Tears!

There’s this drama. It’s called 1 Litre Of Tears.

— Momo

1 Litre Of Tears is a 2005 Japanese drama based on the life of Aya Kito, who suffered from an incurable degenerative disease.

“1 Litre Of Tears” drama poster | Fuji Television

The drama took inspiration from her autobiography, which was published shortly before her death. Momo may have been touched by Aya’s sheer determination to live despite gradually losing all movement in her body.

| Fuji Television

No matter what obstacles Aya faced, she did not lose hope. Aya died at the young age of 25, but her story continues to inspire many!

| Fuji Television

Watch a trailer for the drama below.

Source: YouTube