TWICE Momo Has Changed Her Style Completely (10+ Photos)

Sometimes just a simple change can make a big difference!

TWICE‘s Momo has undergone a complete change in style from her cute and innocent, brown-haired look to a new, sleeker, more mature look! Here’s a refresher for how she looked before.


And here is Momo’s new look!


She chopped her locks to sit just above her shoulders.


And her hair is now an incredibly lustrous jet black.


She debuted her new look at a fan event.


Her new look seems completely different even if it is only a slight change.


She literally glows now!


It’s amazing how such a simple change can change her whole aesthetic.


It gives her a sexy quality.


And at the same time, she gives off a feminine aura.


Her smile really contributes to her sweet and innocent look.


She looks absolutely gorgeous!


It even looks good tucked behind her ears.


Or when she is performing.


Now, THAT’s how you do a style change!

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