TWICE’s Momo Adorably Gushes Over Her New Justin Bieber Crocs–And We Can Totally Relate

International shipping can be a pain but it’s worth it!

Recently, TWICE‘s Momo appeared in an unboxing video for W Korea. In the video, she explained that she hasn’t gone out much due to the pandemic and has taken to ordering things online, so she decided to unbox them with us!

Along with self-care products, such as a calf massager, Momo let her fangirl side loose and splurged on something she had been wanting for a while!

“This is something I really, really wanted,” she explained.

It turns out, they were none other than Crocs designed by Justin Bieber!

Momo then explained that they were difficult to get–something international K-Pop fans can definitely relate to.

This was really difficult to get. I had to make an overseas purchase to get it. They’re all sold out in Korea and you can’t get them. So I kept looking for them and was just barely able to purchase it! It took a long time to be delivered. Like 2, 3 weeks?


It was worth the wait, though! She found the shoes absolutely adorable, openly gushing over them.

She explained that not only does she like the design, they’re also useful, because she often wears Crocs to schedules.

Then, she cutely exclaimed, “I’m going to wear these every day!”

We can totally relate to having a favorite piece of merch that we want with us at all times!

You can watch Momo unbox these crocs along with other purchases in the video below.

Source: YouTube and Image