TWICE’s Momo Once Lost 15 Pounds in 7 Days

She explains why and what happened after.

In a V Live broadcast called “Jihyo’s Candy Night 2”, Momo shocked viewers with her story of how she lost 15 pounds in 7 days.

  • “When I was a trainee, I once lost 7 kilograms in a week.”

In the middle of talking about their trainee days, Momo revealed how she once lost 15 pounds in 7 days.

  • “But I gained it back in a week too.”

She explained that her agency told her that she had to lose 15 pounds before the showcase no matter what.

  • “They said I had to lose 7 kilograms no matter what.”

In order to accomplish that Momo said she starved herself and lived at the gym.

  • “Until that day, I didn’t eat anything and went to the gym all the time.”

She went on to say that she didn’t even spit out her own spit.

  • “I didn’t even swallow my own saliva.”

It was so bad that when she tried to go to bed, she couldn’t fall asleep because she was afraid she wouldn’t wake up the next day.

  • ” I couldn’t go to sleep because I didn’t know if I would wake up the next day.”

When she was asked if she ate anything, she said she ate a cube of ice.

  • “The only thing I ate was a cube of ice.”

But Momo revealed that she failed to lose 15 pounds within a week, so the agency gave her 3 more days.

  • “They gave me around 3 more days.”

Shocked by the revelation, Jeongyeon expressed her rage by saying, “Tell them to try losing 15 pounds in a week!”

  • “Tell them to try it themselves.”

Momo continued to shock her viewers by revealing that people who saw her were surprised because her lips were pale and she looked like she was dying.

  • “My lips were pale and I was dying away.”

In the end, her hard work paid off when she achieved her goal of losing 15 pounds.

  • “I did it. I did, but…”

Even though the story is unfortunate, Jeongyeon congratulated Momo by throwing her fist in the air.

  • “After that, I ate everything.”

When she was asked what she craved the most during that week, Momo said she wanted to go to a certain restaurant nearby that they had been to together.

  • “What did you crave the most during that week of starvation?”

She couldn’t remember exactly what it was that she craved there, but she said she just wanted to eat rice.

It’s great that she succeeded and got to where she is today, but was that really necessary?

Source: V Live