TWICE’s Momo Shares Why She Gets Nervous When She’s About To Post In The Group Chat

Momo always checks her messages before posting them in the group chat room!

While the TWICE members are all close like family, it seems that they often ignore each other in their group chat room. In a recent episode of Radio Star, Momo spoke on how she often gets “nervous” due to their group chat room.

TWICE’s Momo

During the episode, Momo was asked, “Momo, you said you always worry before you post a message on TWICE’s group chat room.

Momo agreed with this statement and explained that when she posts a message in their group chat room, she sometimes gets ignored.

Due to this, Momo always looks to see if her messages are interesting before posting them in the group chat room.

Nayeon then savagely stated that the members often ignore the messages that Momo thinks is funny, but the others don’t find as humorous.

Also, Momo shared that the younger members (Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu) ignore her messages quite often.

However, it’s not just Momo’s messages that often get ignored, as Jihyo shared that all the members’ messages often get ignored as well.

Here’s the full video below!


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