TWICE’s Momo Reveals The One Experience She Can Never Forget From Past Promotions

It was a hard day for her 😢

TWICE recently celebrated their 2000th day since debut by holding a live broadcast. What made it extra special, however, was that all nine members were present!

During the broadcast, Momo shared her most memorable experience among all of her past promotions. She personally couldn’t forget when they were running late to one of their “Cheer Up” performances near the Han River.

Let’s move on to the segment Chaeyoung wanted to try—the most memorable moment. During “Cheer Up” promotions, the most shocking part was when we were late for the stage. You know, near the Han River.

— Momo

In their rush to begin performing, they even ran straight past their fans. For Momo, this memory beats out everything else from her past schedules.

We started our performance while running to the stage passing by our fans. It was the most shocking memory among our schedules.

— Momo

What made the day even harder for her, however, was that she extremely sick and had little energy. “And I was sick that day. I was very sick, so I didn’t have much energy.

Momo’s most shocking memory also sounds like it was one of her most exhausting. Here’s to hoping she will have only pleasant memories to come!

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Source: Naver Live