TWICE Mimic J.Y. Park In The Behind-The-Scenes Of Their Recent Inkigayo Stage And Fans Can’t Stop Laughing

“A never-ending saga.”

TWICE recently made their highly-anticipated comeback, “Set Me Free,” and have been impressing fans with their captivating music show performances.

In addition to their impressive stages, TWICE have been active in filming dance covers with other groups on TikTok.

Main dancer Momo‘s “ROVER” challenge with EXO‘s Kai especially impressed fans who were in awe of the duo’s insane talent.

In Momo’s fancam for their recent Inkigayo “Set Me Free” stage, she practiced the “ROVER” challenge for fans before performing, showing off more of her skill.

TWICE’s Momo | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

But she also covered NewJeans’ hit song “Hype Boy” or, more specifically, J.Y. Park‘s interpretation of the “Hype Boy” choreography, along with Sana.

When J.Y. Park promoted his song “Groove Back,” he performed a viral cover of NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.”

Which fellow JYP Entertainment artists like Stray KidsI.N have playfully mimicked.

And during the “Set Me Free” recording, Momo seemed inspired by Sana’s outfit, seemingly recollecting J.Y. Park’s unforgettable hat, which led to their hilarious cover.

TWICE’s Sana with her J.Y. Park-like hat | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube

Momo and Sana imitating J.Y. Park | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 
| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 
| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

Other TWICE members joined in, including Nayeon

Nayeon imitating J.Y. Park | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

And Jihyo, who all showed off their perfect J.Y. Park imitation skills.

Jihyo imitating J.Y. Park | 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 
| 스브스케이팝 ZOOM/YouTube 

Given how long TWICE have known J.Y. Park, it’s no surprise to fans that the group would have some fun imitating his viral dance moves.

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