TWICE’s Momo Once Inspired A Remix Craze With A Single Sentence

You’ll never look at tissue the same way again!

TWICE‘s Momo is a very talented individual. Her vocals and dance moves are no joke, her visuals are amazing, and she’s got one of the brightest personalities around. So it might not be all that surprising that Momo once inspired a remix craze!


It all started because of one challenge during an episode of Lost Time. At the time, Momo insisted that she could “only do the tissue thing.”


Despite the moment being incredibly adorable…


The other TWICE members couldn’t help but poke a little fun at her words and actions later.


While doing so, however, they discovered that it would make a pretty awesome song!


Taking a page from TWICE’s book, fans soon joined in and started creating their own remixes of the moment with each one adding something new, like a ballad song…


Adding some new elements to the mix…


Or some popping beats…


And creating a remix based on Jeongyeon and Momo’s own remix dreams!


The remix craze made such an impact in the TWICE fandom that the members eventually found out about it and loved it as much as the rest of us!


And it’s all because of a single sentence and Momo’s adorableness!