This Is Why TWICE’s Nayeon Has Trouble Staying Balanced

While TWICE‘s Nayeon has often been praised for her amazing voice and incredible dance skills, she’s also known for having a lot of trouble staying balanced.

In fact, Nayeon has even been spotted losing balance even when she’s just standing up straight, causing many fans to tease her for her clumsiness and lack of coordination.

Fans noticed that her legs often buckle when she’s bowing or even performing on stage, causing her to lose balance. Because of this, fans have even nicknamed her “madnae“, which is a combination of the words “mad onni” (oldest sister) and “maknae” (youngest member), as she was the oldest member of the group but often seemed like to the youngest due to her “clumsiness”.

However, when a fan asked why her legs were so weak, her answer revealed that it wasn’t because she was naturally clumsy at all. One fan revealed a conversation he had with TWICE’s Nayeon during a fansign, during which the fan asked her why one of her legs gave way so often.

Fan: Is your leg usually that weak?
Nayeon: Oh that was because I hurt myself really badly in a car accident when I was young… I hurt my left leg so my left leg is like that. But I’m thankful that I can still walk.

The fan shared his conversation with TWICE’s Nayeon regarding her leg.

After speaking to Nayeon, the fan has been encouraging others not to tease her about it, but support her instead.

As it turns out, Nayeon was involved in a serious car accident when she was younger, which weakened her left leg. Although there were initial concerns about her ability to dance as an idol due to the accident, Nayeon has reassured fans time and time again that she has no problem keeping up with dance choreography.

Have a look at these GIFs that show how Nayeon’s leg often buckles.

Her left leg gives way and she almost loses her balance.

Even while just standing and clapping, her left leg often loses strength.

Nayeon has difficulty bowing at 90 degrees because of her leg.

She lost her balance on stage for this difficult dance move.

Nayeon almost falls forward because her left leg buckled.

It’s so humbling to see her working so hard even with her physical trauma.

Source: Dispatch