ONCEs Caught Nayeon Snacking On Something Unexpected And Are Freaking Out

Now there’s a new food princess!

Every fan can’t help but feel extremely happy watching their favorite idols chow down on some delicious and healthy foods. The keyword is definitely delicious though, as many TWICE fans were left in disbelief thanks to one…umm…interesting choice of snack.


Fans have watched the members of TWICE eat a number of delicious foods over the years and have even fallen head over heels for Chaeyoung‘s love of strawberries and her “Strawberry Princess” nickname but absolutely no one was ready for Nayeon‘s recent eating adventures.


During one livestream with the members, Nayeon suddenly found herself eating something that has left many fans in a state of shock and disbelief…




Yes, that’s right. Nayeon just ate some butter!


During this particular livestream, Nayeon suddenly held up a stick of butter while calling herself the “Butter Princess” and with a few words from Jeongyeon telling her that if she truly was the “Butter Princess” then she should be able to take a bite of the butter…


She really did!


Nayeon’s buttery nibbles have certainly made an impact online. Fans are freaking out over her strange snack.


Then again, this isn’t the only time she’s eaten something a little bit strange. Like the time she ate some paper…


Which is what some fans have been bringing up!


But whether or not fans were truly surprised or not, they can’t get over the fact that she actually ate it…


Or the fact that Momo also had some of that nibbled on butter with some bread for her own snack!


But even if she does eat some pretty strange stuff, we all can’t help but love her!