Netizens Think It’s Impossible To Choose Between These Two Legendary Looks Of TWICE’s Nayeon

Which one is your favorite?

According to netizens, there are two representative looks of TWICE‘s Nayeon. Specifically, everyone is torn between which one of these two colors truly suits her best.

Symbolizing love, passion, and energy, the color red suits Nayeon’s fiery and exciting stage presence.

Known for her visuals that are often referred to as “fresh as fruit,” the color is full of zest — Just like Nayeon!

However, she can do more than play up her cutesy personality. It also brings out her sexy side!

Frequently rocking a red lip, the color is practically made for her.

You might be just about sold on red…until you see her in blue!

The refreshing color is dainty and beautiful on her, giving her a Disney princess vibe…

…or perhaps a “Bubbles” the Powerpuff Girl feeling!

The color blue gives off a sense of serenity and soothing, just like Nayeon’s kind and caring personality.

Regardless of the shade, her dark hair looks striking against the gorgeous color!

In the end, it’s almost impossible to choose between the two! Do you prefer a beautiful blue…

…or a gorgeous red?

Source: TheQoo