TWICE’s Nayeon Cracks Up At Australian Fans’ Unexpected Fanchant

“Alcohol-Free” will never be the same😂

TWICE‘s ongoing tour, Ready To Be, has given fans a variety of amazing moments to turn into memories. From adorable interactions between the members on stage to some hilarious signs brought in by fans, every Ready To Be concert seems to be more fun than the other. However, Nayeon might’ve just created the funniest one yet when she unexpectedly cracked up mid-singing due to a special fan chant shouted by Melbourne ONCEs.

The popular girl group set off their 5th world tour with a two-day concert held in Seoul on April 15 and 16. Set to soon bring their shows to various cities all over Asia, North America, and Europe, TWICE just wrapped up the Australian leg of their tour with a concert in Melbourne. The group held two amazing shows in Sydney on May 2 and 3 and then in Melbourne on May 6 and 7.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Fans attending the concert were able to watch the iconic girl group perform some of their legendary songs, like “More & More,” “Dance the Night Away,” and “I Can’t Stop Me.” A range of fan-favorite b-sides were also part of the setlist, as well as nine solo performances where each member got to showcase their own individual charm. Undeniably one of the best parts of the whole setlist is the medley of several legendary TWICE songs like “What Is Love?” “Likey,” Cheer Up,” and “Heart Shaker.”

Yesterday’s hilarious fiasco, however, happened when it was time for the girl group to perform one of their summer songs, “Alcohol-Free.” It seems like Melbourne fans had prepared a surprising twist to the usual fan chant for the song, as they all screamed loudly along with JYP‘s signature line at the beginning of the song.

The loud cheer seemingly took the members by surprise as Nayeon, who had to start off the singing right after JYP’s signature, couldn’t help but visibly and audibly crack up.

The group’s main vocalist gathered herself quickly and flawlessly sang her lines, despite the giggle that erupted from her mid-singing. While fans found the moment hilarious, they didn’t forget to praise Nayeon for her professionalism.

However, the funny moment also seemingly started a discourse among ONCEs on Twitter. Some fans insisted that everyone should stick to the correct fan chants, while many others advised their fellow fans attending TWICE’s upcoming concerts to just sing along and have as much fun as possible.

Seeing how adorable Nayeon’s reaction to the unexpected fan chant was has fans hoping for even more of these special moments during the rest of TWICE’s tour!


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