TWICE’s Nayeon Discovered To Have Cried During TXT’s Performance

They were going through a lot at the time.

A short fancam from the 2019 MAMA‘s has recently been gaining attention because of TWICE‘s Nayeon. In the clip of ONEUS‘s reaction to TXT‘s “Run Away” performance, she was spotted becoming emotional.

With all of the things the group had been experiencing at the time, it was completely understandable.

Spotted behind Xion, Nayeon visibly became emotional while watching the stage. She breathed deeply to calm herself and blinked back the tears in her eyes.

When the tears were flowing too much, Nayeon reached down and grabbed a tissue. As she leaned back, there was a smile on her face while she briefing pointed out something to her members.

She then folded up the tissue, wiping her tears away. Although the moment was never officially addressed, between Mina‘s absence, the entire stalker situation, and Jihyo disappearing for feeling sick, a lot was happening around the time of the event.

Hearing some of the lyrics of “Run Away”, about fighting to power through unhappiness and struggling to hold on, could have reminded her of everything she’d been feeling at the time.

Although the clip was from less than three months ago, Nayeon may now be feeling happier than she was then.