TWICE’s Nayeon Showed up at the Estee Lauder Event in a See-Through White Dress

Nayeon looked like a legit princess.

TWICE recently attended the Estee Lauder event in Seoul, Korea, which was attended by many other idols such as Sulli and model, Kim Jin Kyung.

Among all of the blinding members, Nayeon drew particular attention with her blinding visuals.

Nayeon gained the spotlight with her flawless figure highlighted by the see-through white dress she was wearing.

On top of that, she wore big pearl earrings that added a vintage touch to her already gorgeous outfit.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Nayeon even gave off innocent charms by flaunting long wavy hair that made her look like a real-life princess.

Check out some more gorgeous photos of “Princess Nayeon” below:

Source: Insight