Here’s TWICE Nayeon’s Eyebrow Shape Change Through The Years Up To 2021 And How Different It Makes Her Look

She looks amazing regardless.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is known for being the refreshing, lovely center of the group. In recent years however, her image has matured slightly and it’s all thanks to the change in her eyebrow shape! While the rest of her makeup remains the same, her eyebrows have gradually been reshaped between 2018 and 2021. Check out its progression below.

1. 2018

Her eyebrows were at its thickest and straightest during 2018, for “YES OR YES” and “WHAT IS LOVE?” promotions.

Her eyebrows were the thickest in the front while it tapered out towards the back. Although there is a slight arch in the bottom of the eyebrow, the upper line is kept straight so the brow still maintains its straight impression.

This prevents her brows from looking too stuffy. Look how gorgeous she looks!

2. 2019

She upgraded her look to luxurious and classy during “Feel Special” and “Fancy”.

To suit the new look, her eyebrows were thinned out although it still maintained its straight shape.

There no longer is any difference in thickness in the front and back.

3. 2020 to 2021

Her ultimate change in image came during “I Can’t Stop Me”, “MORE & MORE” and “The Feels”.

Her eyebrows are totally thinned out now.

They gave her a more refined and mature image by creating an arch. The arch leaves her looking more exotic than ever.

Check out the overall progression below.

Of course, when you’re as gorgeous as Nayeon, you probably don’t need to worry about how your brows look like.


Source: theqoo