TWICE’s Nayeon Fell, But ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was Right By Her Side

Chaeryeong was so worried she couldn’t sit back.

At the end of KBS‘s Gayo Daechukje, TWICE‘s Nayeon encountered a minor incident when leaving the stage. As soon as ITZY‘s Chaeryeong saw it happen, she was right by her side to help.

Nayeon was having the time of her life dancing on stage. Since the floor was slippery and covered in confetti, Jihyo and Lia were worried about her. Jihyo tried to move her out of harm’s way while Lia held onto her waist. Little did they know, dancing wouldn’t be the cause of her fall.

When she was finished dancing, she stepped off the stage along with ASTRO. That’s when Nayeon slipped and fell to the floor.

As soon as they saw her fall, ITZY were in complete shock and couldn’t hide their worry. Momo simply held out a hand for Nayeon to take, like it wasn’t unusual. On the flip side, Chaeryeong instantly jumped into action, moving forward to help.

While keeping her balance from slipping, she helped Nayeon to her feet. Despite the fall, Nayeon hadn’t been phased by it at all, smiling once she was standing.

Fortunately, Nayeon hadn’t been harmed and kept her light-hearted mood by laughing. Her reaction had the rest of them smiling as well, laughing at how humorous the situation turned out.

With all of the recent incidents of idols slipping and falling during year-end performances, at least Nayeon wasn’t seriously hurt and could laugh it off. See Chaeryeong help a cheerful Nayeon here.

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