TWICE’s Nayeon Gets Real About The Pressures She Feels As A Shy Person In The K-Pop Industry

How she feels about it shows her true personality!

TWICE‘s Nayeon opened up about how shy she is in real life, and how that comes with certain pressures in terms of her career.

Nayeon | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Nayeon has recently made her successful solo debut with her album IM NAYEON.  In a recent inside look at the recording process, Nayeon revealed that she struggled with overcoming her mental blocks while recording her album. Thankfully, her members were there to fully support her, so Nayeon was able to ultimately release an album she is proud of.

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But the pressure of recording and promoting without her members was felt in more ways than one. Nayeon made a guest appearance on comedian Lee Yong Jin‘s YouTube show Yongjin’s Health Center, where she got candid about her real personality, and the pressures she feels in relation to it.

Nayeon stated that she is actually a very shy person in real life, but it wasn’t really a concern for her in the past as she was always with people she felt comfortable with.

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Now that she is promoting alone, however, it puts a lot more pressure on her. For example, one way she feels pressured is that her shyness often causes her to be misunderstood.

Yet, while other people’s opinions of her aren’t always a big concern for Nayeon, her shyness does make it difficult to be in new environments with people she has never met.

This is particularly a concern in situations such as fansigns. Nayeon claimed small talk is very difficult for her, saying, “I really only ask about stuff I’m curious about.”

LACHICA‘s Gabee pointed out that she had also noticed how direct Nayeon is.

But at the end of the day, while her shyness could come across as coldness, she’s actually a really warm person who is always happy to answer questions!

Nayeon knows her fans know her well, but that won’t stop her from always making a big effort for ONCE, which says a lot about who she really is!

Watch the full episode on the link below.

Source: YouTube