TWICE’s Nayeon Is The Group’s Unofficial Second Leader — Here’s Proof

She reminded Jeongyeon of all the support she has.

Following TWICE‘s Jeongyeon‘s return to the group and slowly easing back into schedules, all the members have been carefully looking after her, like Jihyo did at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

During their Japanese concert TWICE in Wonderland, Nayeon was the next member to touch hearts with how she silently supported Jeongyeon.

Nayeon | twicetagram/Instagram

As the group sang their beautiful song “The Reason Why”, fans noticed a caring moment between Nayeon and Jeongyeon.

Jeongyeon and Nayeon. | twicetagram/Instagram

As soon as Jeongyeon began to sing her lines, Nayeon moved closer to her and held her hand.

| @chaengpapii/Twitter

Even after Jeongyeon finished her lines, Nayeon didn’t let go of her hand the entire song, reminding her of all the support she has.

| @nyfied/Twitter 

On top of the touching moment, fans were amused that Nayeon also made Jeongyeon feel comfortable by playing with her ponytail during another song.

It wasn’t the only time Nayeon had done something so caring for a fellow member in the same situation. When Mina had returned from recovering from her anxiety, like Jeongyeon, Nayeon was right there to hold her hand.

Nayeon and Mina.

TWICE is truly a family from how well they take care of each other, always checking in on whoever needs support.



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