TWICE’s Nayeon Had The Most Hilarious Reaction To Performing “I’m Gonna Be A Star” Live In 2022

It’s not her favorite TWICE song.

ONCEs are well aware that TWICE‘s Nayeon has a not-so-great relationship with one song in particular: “I’m Gonna be a Star.” It was the opening track of Sixteen, the survival program that formed TWICE.

In a radio show appearance following their debut, she was one of the members who did not jam along to it. She even covered her ears as if to say that she didn’t want to hear it anymore! The fact that she had to repeatedly sing “I’m gonna be a star, after all, did not make it fun in her eyes.

In their recent III tour, Nayeon hilariously made it known once again that it’s not her favorite track. The members had to choose a random song to perform to among the choices in a wheel.

What song? What do you want to hear?


After almost stopping on “Dance the Night Away”…

…it barely landed on “I’m Gonna be a Star” instead, leading Nayeon to take matters into her own hands! She rushed up to the wheel and was ready to redo it. Even her fellow members exclaimed, “One more time, one more time!”

Luckily for her, the wheel naturally landed back on “Dance the Night Away.”

Despite her misgivings, she still later on performed “I’m gonna be a star” to the best of her abilities.

One thing’s for sure, Nayeon made the concert even more entertaining for ONCEs!

Source: YouTube


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