Some Koreans Believe Watching “Erotic Things” Makes Your Hair Grow Faster, Here’s What ITZY’s Lia And TWICE’s Nayeon Think About That

Lia heard about this “myth” since she was young.

There’s a “Korean myth” that hair grows faster if you watch “erotic things,” and ITZY‘s Lia recently spoke about this in a live broadcast.

ITZY’s Lia

A fan asked Lia for tips on growing their hair quickly, but Lia didn’t know any.

She then spoke about something she always heard when she was younger. She would always hear people say that watching “erotic things” would make someone’s hair grow quickly.

Lia didn’t believe this as a child and said she didn’t know where this “myth” came from.

Some fans commented that this “myth” was actually “true,” but Lia said that her hair grows quickly, and she doesn’t watch “erotic things.”

Lia isn’t the only one who has spoken about this “myth,” as her senior labelmate, TWICE‘s Nayeon, has also spoken about it!

TWICE’s Nayeon

In a live broadcast, some of the TWICE members spoke about how they had heard that watching “erotic things” makes hair grow faster. However, Nayeon shared that she saw studies about this and that this wasn’t true.

But actually, I saw the results of a study that tested that theory. The results didn’t prove that theory.

— Nayeon

It looks like Lia and Nayeon have similar thoughts about this “myth!”

Source: Naver Live