TWICE’s Nayeon Stealthily Attended The Jimmy Choo Event So She Could Cheer On Jeongyeon

Nayeon wanted to show her support for Jeongyeon!

Although Jeongyeon was the only TWICE member to officially attend the recent Jimmy Choo event, she wasn’t the only member there because Nayeon was there just to cheer her on!


As Jeongyeon walked the carpet and left everyone breathless with her elegant and chic visuals


Another person quickly caught attention because of her incredibly loud cheers for Jeongyeon — Nayeon!


Dressed in a black hoodie and black ball cap, Nayeon was disguised to blend into the crowd.


While her love for Jeongyeon may have outed her presence at the event, Nayeon continued to become one with the crowd so Jeongyeon could be the main focus of attention.


And as Nayeon was part of the crowd, she made sure that Jeongyeon got plenty of love and support! Nayeon even borrowed a camera from a ONCE at the event and took some photos of Jeongyeon!


It’s easy to see why Nayeon’s supportive presence has been putting a huge smile on everyone’s face.


They are just so cute!

Source: News1