TWICE’s “Ambitious Sisters” Nayeon And Jihyo Compete To Make The Best Vlog For ONCE

These two are super competitive!

TWICE Nayeon and Jihyo‘s competitiveness and ambition know no bounds!

TWICE’s Jihyo (left) and Nayeon (right) | @Jiang0607u/Twitter

Nayeon’s TW-Log from the US leg of the III tour came out last week, and it was jam-packed with interesting moments, like her interviewing Mina about what it was like to perform in Texas for the first time, rehearsing her English comments, and offering to help out Chaeyoung after she forgot her wallet back home.

| TWICE/YouTube

Nayeon put a lot of thought into her vlog, and she worked hard to make it entertaining for fans. She also included humorous parts whenever she could. She said, “It has to have funny bits.”

As it turned out, Nayeon had an additional motivation for making her vlog super entertaining: She was competing with Jihyo. She said, “Jihyo is my competition.”

Nayeon continued, “Jihyo shot so much. Jihyo even used up all her camera memory card.”

Jihyo’s vlog filming fueled Nayeon’s competitiveness. She said, “I gotta do something to compete with that.”

Although Nayeon and Jihyo turned their vlogs into a little friendly competition, they also teamed up to help each other with their secret missions on the tour. Nayeon’s mission was to film more than 2 members. Jihyo’s mission has not been revealed yet.

Even when they’re competing against each other, Nayeon and Jihyo are still there for each other!

Check out Nayeon’s full TW-LOG below and stay tuned for Jihyo’s vlog!