TWICE Nayeon Just Dyed Her Hair Pink, Here’s What She Look Like

TWICE‘s Nayeon has changed her hair to a dark pink color and fans are loving it.

Changing hairstyles and hair colors before a comeback is a common practice for many idol group members and it seems that this time, TWICE’s Nayeon has ditched her normally dark brown hair for a more exciting color, pink.

TWICE has just announced that they will be making a comeback on May 15 and this may very well be the reason behind her most recent hair color change. It seems that instead of going for a drastic change and dyeing her hair bright pink, she has decided to go for a more muted darker pink.

Check out these photos of her pink hair below!

Her sneak peek at her newly dyed pink hair, with matching eyeshadow!
The pink looks a bit more toned down here.
She really can pull off any hair colour.
It is such a unique pink compared to the bright pink normally seen on idols.