TWICE Are Currently Loving An Alcoholic Drink And Take At Least One Glass While Eating, Here’s What It Is

It’s delicious!

TWICE may have concluded promotions for “Alcohol-Free,” but many are still curious about their drinking habits.

Recently, Nayeon sat down for an interview with Elle Korea where she talked about her personal drinking habits and the alcoholic drink that TWICE has been loving lately.

During the interview, she was asked, “In reality, are you alcohol-free or alcohol-lover?

Laughing, she answered that she is technically in between the two but leans towards alcohol-free. She explained that it’s not like she cannot drink but that she usually chooses not to.

I’m more like alcohol-free. In between? Frankly speaking, it’s not that I can’t drink, but I just don’t drink often.

— Nayeon

Lately, however, she and her members have been loving wine. They make sure to drink at least one glass when they eat.

But these days, the members and I are hooked on wine, so we drink at least one glass while eating.

— Nayeon

Wine and TWICE go together so well!

This isn’t the first time a TWICE member has talked about alcohol. Previously, Mina revealed that she has a favorite drink that she just so happens to be allergic to. Read more about it in the article below!

TWICE’s Mina Has A Favorite Alcoholic Drink—Even If She’s Allergic To It

Source: YouTube