TWICE’s Nayeon Once Sang With Her Microphone Upside Down … Here’s How It Happened

She cried from being overwhelmed by the stress.

TWICE‘s Nayeon shared an interesting anecdote about an unforgettable mistake she made on stage. During a concert, her in-ears were not working, leaving her to be unable to monitor the situation. As many will know, in-ears are essential to a singer as they enable one to hear their own singing voice without background noise.

Nayeon was stressed out by the situation. However, she managed to clear the concert without incident. By the time she got to the encore stage, she finally decided to let go of her nerves.

As she released all the pent-up tension from being worried about her performance, she barely realized that she was holding the microphone upside down while singing her part.

Nayeon finally acknowledged how stressed she had been up to then and was so overwhelmed that she cried.

According to Jihyo, she had thought Nayeon was doing it on purpose to be funny for the casual encore stage. Nayeon revealed that she had made the mistake as she had absolutely lost it by then, due to the high pressure to perform well.

She quotes it as one of her most unforgettable mistakes! Thankfully, the rest of the concert went off without a hitch. Catch her talk about the unfortunate yet adorable incident below!


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