TWICE’s Nayeon Once Revealed A Hilarious Stage Mistake Caught On Camera


Nayeon once admitted she made a mistake on stage during TWICE‘s “Likey” promotions.

On that day, the camera director had given her new instructions prior to the show.

The camera director informed me that I should look at a specific camera during the intro.

— Nayeon

Due to her nerves from the show, however, she forgot about the instructions.

However, her mistake didn’t stop there.

I said, ‘Oh, I forgot’ and it was caught by the camera!

— Nayeon

Instead of giving her full attention to the camera, a shy expression spread over her face as she did a bashful, smaller version of the finger heart she was supposed to do.

If you watch closely, you’ll see Nayeon’s shocked expression as she realizes the camera is on her, as well as her embarrassed smile afterwards.

Caught on camera!

Before she knew what happened, it was too late — Everyone saw the adorable moment.

To Nayeon, it was a funny experience, but to everyone else watching, it was totally cute!