TWICE’s Nayeon And Momo Couldn’t Stop Trolling Jeongyeon During The “I Can’t Stop Me” MV

Poor Jeongyeon.

During the filming of TWICE‘s latest music video “I Can’t Stop Me,” Jeongyeon encountered some hilarious distractions that made it difficult for her to film.

The distractions were none other than Nayeon and Momo. Dubbed the “peach sisters,” the two troublemakers sat in the row behind Jeongyeon.

During the filming of Jeongyeon’s solo scene, she could hear the two behind her getting into all sorts of mayhem.

In this scene, it’s especially important for her to stay focused and serious…but she couldn’t help but giggle at whatever was happening behind her.

After continuous cuts, Jeongyeon started to apologize to the camera crew…

…and then she really let Nayeon and Momo have it!

After a brief scolding, Jeongyeon tried to pull herself together (despite getting the giggles).

In the end, she created a flawless solo scene!

Watch the behind-the-scenes shooting of the music video below.



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