TWICE’s Nayeon Revealed Momo’s True Off-Camera Personality That Fans Never See

This is who she really is.

During an online broadcast, TWICE’s Nayeon explained how Momo‘s on-camera persona and real off-camera personality are completely different…and it might come as a surprise to fans.

Nayeon first received the question from a fan and didn’t hesitate to talk about Momo’s differences.

She describes Momo’s off-camera personality as “chic” and more serious. She doesn’t show as much emotion as she does when in the presence of fans.

Momo is more chic than you think.

— Nayeon

Momo is so serious and has such a somber demeanor that sometimes Nayeon actually thinks Momo’s in a bad mood.


She always asks her what’s wrong and Momo has to remind her — That’s just her personality!

Despite being more serious in her everyday life than she is on camera, Momo is still herself and just chooses to show less emotion.

Nayeon’s endearing way of checking on Momo is so sweet, even if it’s just a cute misunderstanding!

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