TWICE’s Momo Once Pulled A Simple But Spooky “Prank” On Nayeon

Momo burst with laughter!

TWICE‘s Momo can be extremely playful towards her members, and there have been plenty of moments where she has jokingly spooked them!

In a live broadcast, Momo decided to be playful and scare Nayeon a bit!

TWICE’s Momo
TWICE’s Nayeon

Nayeon was talking to Sana in the live broadcast, and Momo went behind Nayeon and held a light under her own face.

| OnceEY/YouTube

Nayeon was unaware that Momo was behind her. When Nayeon saw Momo, she screamed!

| OnceEY/YouTube

Momo burst with laughter because of Nayeon’s shocked reaction.

| OnceEY/YouTube

While Momo was laughing, Nayeon asked her if she was having fun, and Momo honestly shared that she was having a blast!

| OnceEY/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!